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Friday, March 9, 2012

NEW fundraising Music Video for "Tiny Yellow House" tours and how-tos

 RARELY do I post something that isn't fully related to tiny houses or building, and even THIS has a tie, but either way, alot of blood, sweat, and tears (sorry...typo, I meant "beers") went into an upcoming album I've recorded with my band, AND this video (put together by Joe Calabria- thanks!).
Support some upcoming Tiny Yellow House video how-to's, in a very small (but helpful!) way.....$0.99 at a time...or just check out the new track/video from my band below.....
  Tiny House wise, I shot another mini video today which I'll get up there soon and I'll post "Sketch #53" in our Tiny House/Shack Series (a houseboat/shantyboat) even sooner))

 'Shot this a ways back, and its a culmination of several band gigs from Boston, Canada, Maine, and so on....AGAIN, IT IS NOT A TINY HOUSE/BUILDING VIDEO but something (with ITunes sales) that I'm using to try and drum up a little backing for one/two "Tiny Yellow House" how-to videos that I want to tackle at some point. With materials, time, and hiring out others to help, these things are more expensive than you know. Heck, the song download is only $0.99 too, so check it out, and you would be supporting underground musicians in the process.

Yes, if you make it far enough, I'm not only on drums, but on vox for verse two.... (links to check out the songs on are below- and BOTH are up on ITUNES (link is in the video description on youtube).


 -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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