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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Three Dollar Hammock- space efficient seating/sleeping for your tiny home or cabin

HAMMOCKS: Space (AND wallet) efficient- but not a perfect solution....

      I recently posted (not here yet, but on my youtube channel ( ) a video on an 8' by 8' by 8' cabin I built and designed for a show on The History Channel. Soon after, one of the viewer comments was "So many people worldwide sleep in them, and they take up so little space, so why didn't you include a hammock?"
     Well, I actually did plan on it, but didn't have the time- AND I had an intro section of the clip from my basement where I was also yammering from a hammock ("The Three Dollar Hammock" from my new book- below). I later thought the intro made the snippet too long, so I axed it altogether, BUT...  I do have a short video on the way that is on building these ultra-simple, hammocks.

As for them as sleep units....
The Pros

The Cons
-They can be back killers after awhile
-Not so fun for those who get motion sick
-Tough to get in/out for some (shorter people, the elderly)

But still, even just as temporary seating in a your tiny house or cabin, or even for storage (when hung high near the ceiling (for pillows, stuffed animals, even books) hammocks certainly are something to consider!