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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A spin on the "Little Blue Bump Shelter/Cabin" from Curt Lyons

     A ways back, at last years tiny house/shelter workshop here in Massachusetts we started work on two prototype structures, one which I later finished, painted, and self-filmed a video of (below). This little prototype for an ultra-simple cabin (which could be built as a much larger version) was something I dubbed "The Little Blue Bump". I no longer own this cabin- sold it to build another concept from my "Humble Homes" book- but its surprised me in how many people took a shinin' to the idea and approach. Its a cabin closely related to another I built (photos are in the new book) called "The GottaGiddaWay"- which, in an NY Times interview, while on the spot, I originally named "The Hundred Dollar Homeless Hut".

Honestly, nothing is more flattering and makes me happier than to have someone send me photos, video, or an email about a project they took on that was inspired by one in my book, or in one of my videos....

Here's a recent one...
Hey Deek,
       I have attached some photos of a playhouse I made for my daughter based on your hundred dollar homeless hut. I found the base in a giant mulch pile, it must have been part of a plywood shipping box for something big. I just had to flip the boards attached from horizontal to vertical for strength. It is around 6' by almost 4'. My daughter wanted a hobbit door, so I used faux board and batten and glued it to the cut out of the entrance. I thought you might appreciate seeing the finished product.

Curt Lyons, Fort Collins, CO

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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