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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cool lil' Vardo/Caravan For Sale in "Joisey"..... (Three Cool Gypsy Wagons)

For any looking for an ultra-tiny "house"/cabin on wheels....
I thought this one simply looked fun because of the paint job (you'll NEVER be missed on the highway- actually you might be the cause of rubberneck-pile-ups!). What I like most about this is something I've sketched into a few past designs for a trailer-type homes I'd someday like to build; This vardo/caravan has made use of the tongue of the trailer as a front entrance deck. I don't know why more people don't do this- it makes good sense, and adds minimal weight to the overall structure. Its "dang" simple to build too...
This one's over on  $6000 is the asking price (located in New Jersey)

Here's the info from the sales listing.....

This is my 2nd little gypsy caravan Ive built for camping. Its made out of MDO Epoxy encased plywood with solid foam insulation in the walls. The interior height is 54″, outside width is 6″4″, interior width of 5’11″, and 10 feet long. The box on the back is designed to be the galley area, the 5000 btu air conditioner is built in, but could be removed.
The bed is full sized futon (54″) with a memmory foam topper. It can be closed up to couch sized, or pulled out for a full sized bed. The propane heater keeps it comfy warm in 16′ temps with it barely on above a pilot light. Easily removed for the summer time. The front deck is red cedar. Its solidly constructed with a heavy gauge rubber roof thats rated for 20 years! It is equipped with a 12 volt deep cycle battery and also wired for ac power.
Easily sleeps 2 adults, with floor space for children. There is storage space under the bed for clothes etc.
I took it on a 500 mile shake down cruise and it tows nice and straight behind my truck. Tow weight as equipped was 1650lbs.
(bedding not included)

If you like gypsy wagons, caravans, and vardos, two of my favorites come from...
(Michelle Wilson and Co.) and

Both of these builders are photographically featured in my new "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" book- which has been #1 on Amazon in the carpentry section for almost 4 weeks running! Thank you! You can order it below....$11.53.....

George Crawford's Gypsy Wagon....
Michelle Wilson and Co's Wagon (Hornby Island Caravans)

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  1. Cool wagons! I wonder if that last one is road worthy because of the small tires?