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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Tiny, Tiny Treehouse (AND Shelter, Shack, n' Shanty Sketches #40, #41, and #42!))

Aside from the new photos, we have THREE new, and non-related tiny house/treehouse/shelter designs below as well...

"Hey, YOU, the 30-somethin' year old in the tree drinkin' Yoohoo! Get Down From There!!" (No, I wasn't drinking Yoohoo (its just such an absurd name for a drink), but I'm sure I am getting looks from the neighbors.....although by now they're used to, and supportive of what I do.)
     A quick shot of my feet danglin' from approximately 20 feet in the air just yesterday....its a treehouse positioned at a street intersection on the edge of my property, that is more designed for a curb-show (its almost RIGHT OVER a sidewalk) as we'll light it up at night, than use. The tree its in, a bizarrely bent oak, cantilevers an incredible amount, but seems strong enough for the task (I weigh 220 or so and jumped up and down on the platform a few times (awaiting a quick an injurous descent to the ground). The treehouse will almost entirely be made of lightweight, Vermont white cedar- I love that stuff!

"Twenty" seems to be the theme (well, except for my age- that was quite a ways back)- 20 feet up, and 20 degrees out. Why do I always get motivated to go and work outside on the coldest of days? What the heck is wrong with me? Before you start listing the things, I've also included a pair of new cabin, cottage, and/or shelter concepts below- part of, yes, "Sixty Shack Sketches In Sixty Days", a finger crippling string of new drawings that just may someday end up in ANOTHER tiny house book of mine. For the time being, a link to the new, expanded book is below, and check out the pair of offerings. These sketches are either rough drafts, outtakes from the new book, or ones from my mini-book (soon reprinted) "Quick Camps And Leg Cramps".

A scrap board"collar" support- braced from behind, with a little room left for expansion, and some padding (which you can't see) underneath so as not to damage the limb/bark. 
As for the sketches.....a treehouse and a stilt house....both which can be enlarged, or adapted to your needs...

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen