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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sage Radachowsky's Turtle-Domed Camping Truck, and "Humble Homes" on GardenFork Radio...

 Hey- first off, I did a very fun podcast interview with Eric Rochow of (a great back-to-basics site), and you can listen to it here....Eric also gave a very nice review of my new book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks"(which you can order below)-

That said, I made another trip back out to Sage Radachowsky's place near Boston a few days back to take some more photos, hang a little, and interview him in regards to a tiny, mobile, single sleeper he built, dubbed "The Occubago", which was so often seen in the Boston area news in Occupy Boston's Dewey Square camp- so at some point we'll have video on that....once I find the time! I have quite a few backlogged videos now, and its tough to find the time, and funds, editors (in other cases), and the proper equipment, to complete these. I'll "get 'er done" somehow...I keep flirting with the idea of doing a kickstarter campaign to finish these and shoot several other ones I'd like to do (Seattle, NY, Maine, etc), but I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.


     Above is Sage in his Gypsy Wagon/Tiny House On Wheels, one of many shots I took, and while I didn't intend to photograph his truck, on my way out and up his driveway, I snapped these pics. What's cool about his little "inverted, boat-looking, roof/cap" is that with its addition of a tiny sleep compartment, or shelf, in the summer (or in more temporate climates) this would make for a great little camping vehicle. You could just drop some mosquito netting, and you're G.T.G. ("Good to go"- sorry, its a stupid, made-up, saying I use all the time).

This truck would also be GREAT for tailgating- just set up the bed as you would a deck- table, chairs, a grill (if you had a means to open the roof), and you've got yourself a porch on wheels, WITH a nap spot.

Or, if you need to crash where sleeping in your truck isn't so legal, you're really perched out of site up in the eaves of this little turtle-backed rig, so chances are no one would ever see you (or be able to steal gear from the back of your truck! Imagine the scare you'd give 'em!).

There's actually a design/concept in "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" that has the same premise- hidden sleeping quarters. Its called "The Thwart Fort"- a picnic gazebo, in which the filled in roof, plays home to a tiny, clandestine, sleeping or living spot. -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Mr. Diedricksen,
    I just got your book, The new triple-caffienated expanded edition and I just wanted to say I love it. and I like how it is layed out and writen. I am not one for the laid out nice and neat Show you everything kind of person.

    So your book is great for opening those neural pathways and get you thinking and flow the creative prossess. I plan on building with some suggestions from your book and will post those as I go again I love your book and you videos keep up the good and green ways.

    1. joshfantoo thanks so much! Just saw this sorry for the delay. I appreciate the kind words, and if bored, leave me a review up on every bit helps. Take care!

  2. I love your work. If you could come up with a tiny house that pops up that you can keep under a queen bed when not in use, then wheel it out and set up anywhere, that would be great. It could be part of a family disaster emergency kit. Would link to your post of it at and publish in Fowl Feathered Review.