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Friday, December 9, 2011

Tiny House/Cabin/Small Shack Sketch/Design #8 in our "SIXTY-LONG" goal...

Here ya' go- a quick post today, as I'm off to work on that "World's Smallest A-Frame" a bit- which is coming out great! -and to play a show tonight with one of my bands- tribute act "Age Against The Machine". We just shot a music video recently for one of our tunes, and although NOT tiny house related, I'll probably post it here down the road as some of you might get a kick out of it.

Anyway- here's that sketch, as previously posted long ago on facebook, but since tweaked a little. This one (if my memory serves me correct (so many sketches/changes, that it gets confusing) WILL actually be in "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" a NEW design, added to this new edition...

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. I especially like the "soul patch" on your little speaker-guy... keep scribbling away!

  2. Loving the sleeping compartments here: great use of space!

  3. I think this is my favorite sketch so far!