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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ho Ho Ho-ly Tiny House On Wheels! A Christmas Tree Vendor's Cabin on Wheels

First off, thanks to Sami Grover over at who posted my "Deek Tours The First Tumbleweed" youtube video... here's the link..
     Also- THANKS(!) to those who are ordering my book too- this morning it was the #8 best-selling carpentry book on the planet- which is one point a few weeks back it was #6 too! Thank You!

     As for getting into the holiday spirit of things, the family and I bought a Christmas tree the other night, and I naturally had to ask the lot owner about his tiny mobile shed on wheels- a place he tows along to keep warm, watch tv, and eat his meals when business is slow.  Its a stock-size Home Depot shed that he uses to store landscaping tools in the warmer months, but come Christmas time, he attaches it to a modified snowmobile trailer (he says he won't drive over 30 mph with this cabin in town) and brings it to his shopping-plaza tree lot. The Christmas tree cut into the door is a touch of his own.

     These "box store" sheds cost in the $1000-2000, and it certainly could be an option, for those without the skills, tools, or time, in terms of a pre-built housing shell (not a roadworthy one, mind you).

I actually keep looking at a Home Depot gambrel (a 10' by 10' base, but 12' tall or so (with a loft) that is only $995, thinking "'d be fun to attempt to outfit that like a micro-home....these sheds are usually made from lousy particle/chip board though, but this could be remedied, or worked around.

AND...."SIXTY SHACK SKETCHES in SIXTY DAYS"#3 (leading up to the official released of the NEW edition of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" (its on pre-order NOW for only $11.49 on's entry #3, of a tiny cottage/cabin drawing I've never shown anyone yet....(this one is NOT in the book, but will be in a future one perhaps).

 Above: A yet-to-be-released Shantyboat/Houseboat the shape of a shark's fin (plywood sides- coated/protected). Its built atop a pre-existing boat "shell"- which you could buy used. Overall, this particular boat would be about 14 feet in length, and the cabin itself would have to be about 8 feet long (not counting the roof overhang).

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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