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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tiny House/Small Home Appliances: Refrigerators

The Lantry- from Painted Pavilions- a micro-cabin where one of these little fridges would be perfect!
       Forgetting it was "Black Friday" yesterday, in need of some screws and caulk (for the Tiny Solar Cabin I'm building- see the next most recent post) I ventured out to Lowe's. Luckily- maybe it's just the lousy economy- but it wasn't a zoo, and while there, I did drool over a few sale items. This particular item (the Frigidaire version (8 bottles) for $50) caught my eye. This is the kind of mini fridge I would/will someday incorporate into a full-amenity micro-build, or trailer house/cabin of my own (believe me, I have MANY ideas/sketches). I really haven't seen others go this route, and something like this is so compact, easy to hide, stuff, or mount anywhere (even up higher as a cabinet), that is seems a decent choice for a truly micro-fridge if you don't plan on keeping many perishables- or just don't have room for a larger/wider college-type fridge. Its pretty decent looking, in a modern sense too- as long as you keep its inner contents clean and organized. Take the wine trays out of this thing and you could squeeze in a couple milk cartons, your leftovers, and so on......

The Edgestar 12-bottle wine cooler- This one lists for $85.00
 NOTE: The model link given here is to give you access to info on this model, and others....they range greatly in price, but most are pretty affordable. DEFINITELY read the reviews- I can't recommend this, or any of them first hand, as I'm still in the slow process of researching one for myself down the road. When I do finally decide on one, I'll let you all know which and why...

This could work very well in RV or Treehouse applications too....

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-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Before anyone buys one of the Edgestar 12-bottle wine coolers, they might like to read the feedback for them on

  2. PLEASE DO! I only put up that pic as a reference- the one I make mention to is a smaller Frigidaire one-

    I do also mention- "The model link given here is to give you access to info on this model, and others....they range greatly in price, but most are pretty affordable."

    I couldn't find a readily available and free-use photo of the Frigidaire one...

    So yes, as with anything, you'd be nuts if you didn't read the reviews first.

    Thanks/take care

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