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Monday, November 7, 2011

Shelter= as bare-bones as it gets (just when you're about to complain)

Here's a little side tale/post, for any who have been found to complain about the cold, their cramped home, and substandard shelter in any scenario. No, its not a tiny home or house at all, but when the option of a roof over one's head is non-existent, here's how bad things can get.....

The Sign SHOULD Read, "Thomas Boise: One Tough Son Of A...."
      I love local folklore, so I snapped these photos two weekends ago in Franconia Notch State Park in NH (the former home of "The Old Man In The Mountain"). I pass through this forest on my way to my Vermont camp each time, and I can't tell you how incredibly beautiful this stretch of NH is- its just jaw-dropping in parts.

If you're ever looking for some free, outdoor entertainment, each exit of the park seems to have some interesting natural curiousities, from The Flume Gorge, to The Basin (a naturally carved 30' stone "bowl" in a river that H.D. Thoreau even remarked on), and "Boise Rock"- which I have always found particularly interesting....

Boise Rock from afar. If I had to guess, its about fifteen feet tall.

From the sign posted near the rock:

This great glacial erratic has been a part of the history and folklore of Franconia Notch for generations. Thomas Boise, a noted teamster of this region was sledding through the notch in midwinter, soon after the first road was built. Overtaken by a fierce snowstorm he was unable to continue on. Realizing he must take drastic action to survive, he killed and skinned his horse. Crawling under the overhang of this rock, he wrapped himself in the hide and spent the night. Men sent out the next day to search for him found Tom still alive but encased in the frozen hide that had to be cut away with axes in order to release him.

Yeah, no thanks, I'll take a Super 8 any night, even with bed bugs....

I shot a mini video on this rock and the history behind it- but I might eventually post it on another one of my channels, but I'll still let you guys know...

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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