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Monday, November 21, 2011

New Tumbleweed Tiny House Video- and Building A Micro-Cabin To GIVE AWAY....

Calling All "Cabin Critters"....we're potentially looking for YOUR help.....

Some more "FIRST built" Tumbleweed (future video tour) shots below. In the meantime, I'm pretty much done with the editing on this tour episode, but am on the lookout for any potential small advertiser/s (you'd be shown right in the beginning of the episode- or thanked, etc) as these things, travel, time, shooting add up REAL quickly. The proceeds WILL NOT go to me though, as I'd like to simply take the money, and donate a heck of a lot more of my time towards building a small, mobile shelter which I'll be donating/giving away.

Whether or not you're for or against the Occupy movements, I see this current situation as a chance to try out some micro-shelters in a very real setting- one, especially here in Boston and Albany, NY, where the cold weather is certainly a huge and impending factor. SO....with a single small ad sponsor, I'd love to build a mini-shack on wheels, and donate it to one of the local camps. Again, like this movement or not, this is a great chance to apply some designs and get some lived-in feedback on what could be improved, what works, and what might be needed/workable.

     There are several new restrictions as to what is allowed at Dewey Square in Boston, so we'd try to work around/with that, and/or donate this to Occupy Albany, if need be. Heck, I'd love to try two builds in two locales, but we'll start with one and see if it flies.

I'm thinking I could build a really decent one, FILM THE BUILD (so you're helping with an all new episode, full of NEW recycled-material ideas too), for about $200/$250. In turn, say, if you ran a related business, your ad/logo would be seen by a ton of people (and if you're worried about politics, I don't have to mention you in the other build video- just the Tumbleweed Tour one). You can contact me through the email in the left hand column of this blog... or its kidcedar at gmail dot com.

     I'll be donating about a dozen or more hours (time I barely have) into this already, so some small support would be great.

DONATIONS: I suppose if you'd like to make a small donation too (and I'll thank you in the Tumbleweed video)- you could send them to the paypal id-

   Meanwhile, I've also shot a TON of other videos, so as I slowly find the time, I'll be releasing those on my youtube channel-

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (all photos by)

(For fans of: Tiny Homes, Small Houses, Tree house, Tree fort, Homeless Shelter, Shacks, Shed, Shedworking, Shanties, Huts, Small Cabins, Vacation Cottages).

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