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Friday, November 18, 2011

Havens and Hideaways (Cozy Cabins and Rustic Retreats)- holy tiny house EYE CANDY!

      I had never heard of this particular book ("Havens and Hideaways") until I recently spotted it over at Dustin "Dr. Demolition" Diedricksen's house (my brother) while he and I were being interviewed and filmed for "Tiny: The Movie". That film looks like its going to be incredible and Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller are THE nicest people-DO check out their Kickstarter project funding page (here is a link- TINY: THE MOVIE)

     Anyway, I've been pawing through MANY tiny housing books lately (hence, so many "review" posts- I'll give it a break after this one!) and I keep going back to this offering, as several of its photos just take me to a "good place". I was sitting on my couch last night enjoying a beer or two, and just kept flipping through this book, soaking it all in. Even the photos that aren't of houses, or architecture at all, are very intriguing, and vivid- almost any one of them would make for an amazing framed and matted wall piece. Photographer Chris Tubbs certainly knows his stuff. Text wise, its a little prosey, and elementally "deep" at times, but Jo Denbury is a gifted writer, no doubt- honestly though, its the photos that make this book. Its certainly a "coffee table book" as opposed to an in depth instructional journey, but hell, some of those makes for the best browsing- especially while loafing on the couch late a night with a couple Long Trail Ales.

I've included what few photos I can find online- some of the best ones, luckily, anyway.

Only $11.49- the NEW edition of my book- order through the link in the left hand column of this blog. 


  1. Deek, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Give me a month or two, and I'm going to order one of your books as well. A creative change from the straight-laced books on my shelf. Love it!

  2. Where o' where is that first photo from? Pitter-patter goes my heart.

  3. Where can I find more info on the first photo with the wood burner, I would love to have a tiny home that looks like that. Thanks