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Friday, October 21, 2011

NEW VIDEO- Tiny Housing and Musical Instruments- The world's smallest drumkit (The Peace Cocktail "Manhattan" kit)

      I picked up a PEACE brand "Manhattan" Cocktail drumset very recently, and have been having a ball with the thing. As I explain in the video/tutorial/solo clip below, "While a normal drum kit will take up about 49 square feet (a 7' by 7' area) this little stand-up kit, can be as compact as a mere THREE or FOUR square feet!" Check out more=


Yes, there are thousands of smaller instruments out there, but for drummers at heart, there IS an option now for those who live in tiny homes, and who don't really have a desire to pick up the harmonica, a single hand drum, or a clarinet.

(Above link- I most highly recommend (after playing AND research) the PEACE brand kits (by far)- but here is another style/example on the market (I can't speak first hand for the GP brand though).

Anyway, this video is a little off the beaten path, but it certainly DOES pertain to small space/micro home living, and I felt it might be fun, regardless of your musical tastes. It also is subject matter that really hasn't been covered by blogs at all. Kent Griswold, seeing the space-saving merit in the idea, will also, apparently, be carrying this video soon as well (Thanks Kent!). He is a tireless supporter of the scene, and an all around good guy- his blog, just in case (and probably one of the largest tiny house blogs out there) is 

Also- thanks to Donnie Byers and Devinstater Drumsticks- who supply/sponsor me (thankfully, as I hit HARD and go through sticks like toilet paper). If you want to check out a recent tune I wrote with Bill Bracken, with Gary Cherone on vocals (singer of Extreme, one-time Van Halen singer)- click on the link here (it made the OFFICIAL Van Halen news site!)-

Here's a link to the book mentioned in the video as well- and to the NEW edition of my book....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

(for fans of: drumset, drum kit, cocktail drums, drum solo, drumming demo, tiny housing, small living, micro-architecture).