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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BAD HAIR DAY- GOOD RECYCLING DAY! Freebie Windows/Building Materials For Your Home

Deek "Hat Head" Diedricksen- fresh off a few hours working on a solar heater for Make Magazine, finds this bad-boy at the town dump. Cabin window, here we come!
  Score! I'd been telling the old cantankerous codgers down at the recycling depot to keep an eye out for front-loading, washing machine windows (which I LOVE using as freebie porthole-style windows in my builds), and of course, they haven't helped out- even when I offered 'em $5.00 a window. These guys sit in a beat up camper all day, drinking coffee, and lecturing on how so and so isn't sorting out the paper and cardboard correctly, all the while eyein' junk that they later toss into their smog-belching pick-ups (bicycles, copper, mowers) to then sell- man, these guys are my heroes! Dream job!

No, I actually get along with these guys fine, but man are they grumpy as hell. Anyway, I was dumping off some cardboard the other day, and when I peering into the metals bin, not only had someone tossed a front loader, but they had taken the time to disassemble it too! Thank you! I didn't even have to bust out a screwdriver.

You WILL see this thing worked into a future micro-house, tree fort, or guest cabin, I promise that.

A little girl peers through "The GottaGiddaWay" Cabin's window at the Cape Cod Eco Fest in Wellfleet, MA
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 -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Ha I thought you just combed it with an egg beater .

  2. It might work in your plywood boat as a glass bottom too.

  3. You have such a cool idea here. I wonder how it will look once you installed that front load window on your wall. Is it up now? If yes, please do share a photo of it. Would love to see the result!

    Roxie Tenner