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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My latest tiny house/greenhouse project.....

     Here's a sketch (not to scale) of what I've been working on lately....a very simple 6' by 12' greenhouse structure that will double, potentially, as a writer's retreat (for a horror/dark fiction author) space for a client. In the endrun, it'll be outfitted with a tiny wood-burning stove, a crushed stone floor (very dark stone to collect and retain heat), and perhaps that tiny deck off of the front. I have a pile of huge second-hand Anderson Windows that have been burning a hole in my proverbial pocket, so these will be put to good use here.

All in all, it could/can double as a tiny guest house, or woods camp/retreat easily. I'd nix the clear roof (too hot) if that were the case though...

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Or maybe instead of nixing the clear roof, create a sort of roll-on tarp. Similar to how roman shades work. Then it truly could be a dual purpose structure. I love the optional free-floating mini deck.

  2. Looks familiar! For the short walls, you can have a lot more fun cobbling together used windows from a salvage shop or craigslist. Changing the roof pitch to an even 12/12 will make it easier to use old wood framed sqaure windows, and help shed that MA snow. Don't overlook any fun-patterned or textured sheets of plastics, they work really well for filling in awkward corners. Also, keep all of the lumber pressure treated, because greenhouses build up a considerable amount of condensation in the summer. Cheers!

  3. Love the greenhouse sketch! Looks awesome. I found a neat collapsible home through Boing Boing this morning. Thought you might like. Originally from Modern Mechanix in 1938. Take a look here: Wonder if it would fit on top of my Patty

  4. Yeah, a pretty standard greenhouse- much like the "Down At Big Lee's Swamp" drawing from my old book. Thanks for all the input guys! John, hope you're well over at Melish! Patamomma and Shaina- thanks for the input- off to check that link

  5. Wow looks like it will be a great little backyard greenhouse. Just make sure to take heating and cooling into account so you can have plants growing year-round.