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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Whittled Down Caravan- A guest micro cabin/dwelling on wheels at our workshop

A few photos here, from our July workshop in Massachusetts where Tristan Chambers and Libby Reinish from, who handbuilt this cool, strap/hoop-top caravan, served as guests/demonstrators for our twenty-two attendees. The two reside in Northhampton, and made the trek from Vermont (where the cabin had been residing) to come and spend two nights out on our property. (L to right- Derek Diedricksen, Libby, Tristan).
Libby addressing the group and giving us all some background on the caravans blog-chronicled journey form New Mexico to Massachusetts!
The Galley/Kitchen counter with a more newly-installed sink, and a vintage, single-burner Coleman stove that they plan on setting into the counter at a later time.

The World's Smallest Septic System? No, its a simple carboy collector for their sink water.
A rare shot of Steve Sherrick from Modern Vintage Productions (He, and Mike Amato are the guys who shoot all my "Tiny Yellow House" videos).

The Whittled Down Caravan is another mobile dwelling/tiny house that'll be featured in the new edition of my book...