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Monday, August 8, 2011

A Return To Walden Pond/Woods and the REAL/old site of the Henry David Thoreau (H.D.) Cabin/tiny house

A photo I snapped at the Walden Woods Cabin Ruins-Site. The rocks shown are not the ruins of the cabin itself, but a accumulated pile of tribute rocks left by visitors to this far end of the pond

 I swung by Walden Woods again (third time this year- just out of convenient/lucky proximity) about two months back and shot some more footage- a "Part 2" episode of sorts that shows the OLD ruins of where his actual cabin once stood. Its an ad-hoc flip camera episode, but works well enough, and shows the rock cairn/tribute pile, the bean field and its stone marker, the locale of his wood shed, the cabins fireplace markers/base, and various other sites you might "recognize" if you've read the book.
    Honestly, while I'm certainly a fan of Thoreau's work, and more so his influence, as well as the path he blazed to a certain degree, I liked his book "The Maine Woods" FAR more than "Walden" as its more of an adventure novel. That's just me though....although I do know several others who feel the same way.

Again too- looks like I might be doing a tiny housing speaking segment, with other guests at Walden Woods on September 10th (tentative date)- if/when I get more details I will let you know. The author of "Living At The End Of Time" is also going to be part of this, and his novel (which I'm now reading) is just plain great- on many levels. John Hanson Mitchell's book, in which he builds his own back-to-basics Victorian cottage in the woods, takes place a mere 16 miles from Walden Pond. Mitchell offers a HUGE amount of insight, and expertise, as to Thoreau's works, mindset, and upbringing- a large deal of information I was previously unaware of. But "Living At The End Of Time" is HIS OWN tale of backwoods living and self-discovery as well- all penned in an eloquent, yet unhaughty and unpretentious style- with great side-journeys, excursions into his woods, naturalistic sightings, and even ghost stories, galore. Sadly, it appears to be out of print, but you can pick it up TOO cheaply online a few places. I got my copy for $0.01 (well, with $3.00 shipping or so)! I'm not joking. Its criminal, considering how much I've enjoyed this book.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen
-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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