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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Photo updates on "The Wolfe's Den" wedge-shaped treehouse/guest room/micro office....

      This one's not meant to be a tiny house/micro-home per se, but we cover alot of treehouses/treeforts and tree offices ("troffices" as I call them/have dubbed 'em (Yes, there's a "troffice" design in my new book)) here, and this just happens to be one I designed and have been working on. We'll eventually install this in NY, and shoot a short video on the procedure. Its siding is all cedar, it utilizes ALL recycled windows and a curbed-culled oak, french door, and will certainly get a lot of natural light, even when this is installed in its necessary shade-spot. In the endrun, it'll only be 4' of so off the ground, but its enough- the effect (without scaring any acrophobic guests) will still be one of being perched in a tree.

The roof, pre-aluminum-edge work/trim phase
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More pics to come!
-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Really cool, Derek! I LOVE the stance of this little house, and it looks as though there is a loft space in there, too... how about a floorplan? Would love to see how you're setting this one up... :-)

  2. Love the see-thru roof! (I'm assuming that's the final roof and not just a temp for construction version)

  3. Thanks- See-thru roof is both final and temp. I have to remove it all to pack it for travel (one of the reasons I picked something so light weight) but when I arrive at the site, we'll re-install this poly roofing, and then add aluminum drip-trim/flashing to all the edges to give it a cleaner look, and prevent any leaking/gaps.