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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A clear-walled/see-through tiny, budget-friendly house/cabin in the woods

Talk about SIMPLE! But that's the beauty of it. A cabin like this could be afforded by almost anyone, built with little hassle and skill, AND constructed in just a weekend, or two.
I've always been a fan of this one ever since I saw it in one of the fifty or so tiny house books I own. I want to say its in Lloyd Kahn's "Homework", but don't quote me on it. I also featured a different-angle photo shot of it about a year back on the old incarnation of this blog as well. 

The walls of this are merely stretched poly/plastic- very thin- so I'd imagine you'd need to replace the wall material about every season or so- but the clarity would be fantastic, and all without the risk of kicking out glass in your sleep.

I also wonder if birds flying into the clear wall periodically would be a problem?

All in all, with a view of the woods by day, and the scene of a campfire at night- all out of the reach of mosquitoes- its a great little cabin- all built on a budget, and with little skill needed. 

Similar in approach would be "The U.B. 30" treehouse I built early this summer for my brother's 30th birthday. The total cost- just under $250.00 (and in hindsight, it could be built even more affordably). This little cabin (which will be in our book- see below), sits on a hill, and is perched about seven feet off the ground, overlooking a stream on my camp/land in Vermont. This two-sleeper was built in one single day in Massachusetts, and then carted to Vermont in its pieces, and erected in one day.  (Built and designed by Derek Diedricksen).
"The U.B. 30" with its micro-deck/landing still in need of completion.
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-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

And yes- we have LOTS (about 50+) budget-friendly cabin/tiny house/shelter/treehouse concepts (many NEW, unpublished ones) in our new edition of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks..."- the U.B. 30 will be in the book...