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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another sneak peek at "The Krunk Bunk" (For Sale)- a space saving, micro-loft sleeper/legless "bunk" bed

We shot yet another video for Make Magazine (a "Tiny Yellow House" episode) this past friday (with Mike Amato of Jodom Pictures/Modern Vintage Productions), and things went really well. We hope to have that video out later this month, once we chop the heck out of it.
     In the meantime, I did some more painting, re-arranging, and decorating with this little sleep/work/escape pod (that HANGS from a ceiling), and I'm pretty "dang" happy with the results. Something like this would be perfect for high-ceilinged city apartments, college dorms, or any other tiny spaces, homes, or dwellings.

Sadly, as my own house is small, I can't keep this one, as much as I'd like to, so it'll either be auctioned off on ebay after the video airs, or will be for sale to anyone interested in the meantime I suppose....(kidcedar at gmail dot com). $600 obo? The proceeds will go into building and shooting yet another project for the show.

     Also- as you see in this other picture (and as we often try to do), we incorporated some really cool recycled wood shingle paintings from Massachusetts-based artist Karl Mullen- who does some WILD work. Check out his facebook page HERE- he updates it almost DAILY, with NEW, DAILY artwork....the man's a work horse!

The other bulletin board of art actually contains a few BRAND NEW cabin sketches and designs of my own that we haven't shown yet (I've been using The Krunk Bunk as a sketching space)- some of which will be in the NEW edition of my book (as always, you can pre-order it at the link below)- 50+ cabin designs and tiny house concepts.

The Krunk Bunk, by the way, is an early design/sketch from my zine/mini-book "Quick Camps, and Leg Cramps"- soon up again for $6.95- a good portion of the proceeds going to a homeless charity AND towards shooting more educational "how-to" episodes.

Art by Karl Mullen (of Williamstown, MA)

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen