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Monday, July 4, 2011

Tiny House Workshop- THIS coming weekend- WOW- guest cabin update on The Whittled Down Caravan

 First, sorry for the delay- I was in Canada the last 3 or so days with my band- and haven't been near a computer! We (Age Against The Machine- Rage Tribute Act) headlined a Molson Brewery Festival (2nd time now) in New Brunswick- and it was just amazing. But, back on track, I'm back in action, blog-wise...thanks for your patience.

And- I can't believe the workshop is almost here already- and we have so many fun things planned that its going to be real tough to squeeze them all into one single day! Plus, with guest speakers like Mimi Zeiger (architect and author), Alex Pino (Tiny house blogger/addict (, and Dustin Diedricksen, amongst others, it'll certainly be eclectic.

Aside from my own cabins on parade (5 of them!), The Whittled Down Caravan will also be making an appearance- as mentioned much in the past. Tristan and Libby run, and I wanted share a few recent shots from their realm....and it'll be fun to finally meet these two!

Above is one from their prepping, and painting, the caravan so as to ready it for the show n' tell session down here in MA for the tiny house/shelter building workshop...

And...from their recent flea market excursions, a bizarre (yet very cool!) stationary bike lamp they made. The seat will soon be more a real/converted end table apparently. Its bulky, but certainly fun! 


  1. I really like the simple design of this project.

  2. I subscribe to the Tiny Houses news letter and received today your newest video of a forest tiny house. I might add I was compelled to write you as I was bothered by your lack of description, and more about being a party guy? I finally shut the video off, it became too much!

    It was hard to concentrate on the home, when all you heard was your tasteless bad jokes you were making? Everything was mostly about drinking, is that what you do most of your time? Most of us love to get the news letters and see whats going on with the talent of most designers, or builders on these tiny homes.

    Maybe in your could act professtional and spare us all the drunk comments. I will be letting the site know my opininon on this, Thank you!

  3. Um...we watching the same video? After being shocked that there was even a complaint like this in regards to that video, I'm more so guessing you might just have little tolerance for much at all, given the somewhat hateful, and out-of-line nature of your email. Never is one beer consumed on video, I'm not drunk (and actually warn AGAINST drinking in one of the early comments about how high the treehouse is), and when I went back to watch the video, the few times I mention alcohol, its in jest (and it IS a vacation cabin- god forbid I enjoy a drink or so while on vacation). I also never glorify it, nor dwell on it.

    What it comes down to is this, if I had to guess- you're of an older generation (which is GREAT!- esp if you're into the tiny house movement, really), but you probably abstain from alcohol almost completely, and given that there were even just a few mentions of it in the video- and two inadvertently shown cans, you latched onto something to complain about and that went against your views. That or you just had a real lousy day and felt like lashing out at someone who attempted to show, at the usage of his own time, a tour of a very unique treehouse- by means of FREE video you could choose to, or choose not to watch. This video now has 5500+ views in a little over a week, and not one single one of them made any complaint- not one- or even mentioned alcohol in their review, so I think you're extremely in the minority here, and again, off base. Sorry to be so blunt, I'm really a very nice and easy going person, VERY easy going, but your email was randomly and needlessly hateful, and made little sense in a few parts as well. Have a nice day.

    As for "my lack of description"- no idea what you mean...the whole video gives TOO much detail if anything. You probably meant "discretion". Please spell check your hate emails next time- you're also WAYYYYYY off base in that department.