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Sunday, July 17, 2011

THE SKULL CAVE for kids (a folding play-fort/clubhouse)- but could it work beyond??

 First, my apologies- as a few readers pointed out that my ("old") book order link is not working. Its being worked on, and will be fixed in a few days. Again, the NEW, expanded edition of the book is now up for pre-order on at a REALLY reduced price- if interested.... the link is at the end of this blog entry.....
Could something like this- as it loosely resembles a tent in structure/form- be built in a larger model for emergency shelter usage?

I just LOVE this tiny "Skull Cave", and it reminds me very much of one of the designs I penned a ways back, which I just may have to build soon, either for Make Magazine, or JUST for "Tiny Yellow House" TV....we'll see....Think: The book "AKU AKU" (a lousy clue, and one where you'll have to do some literary online-digging (By Thor Heyerdahl)). That book is AMAZING by the way....a total gem, and I found it for $1.00 at a used book store! -Another reason I'm very partial to printed books/matter.

"Indy, Cover your heart!"- it looks like something out of "The Temple of Doom". 

This lil' contraption is made by the company "Our Children's Gorilla" and I initially saw this over on A PLACE IMAGINED- a great blog run by Holly Gomez.

She had a very fun/kind review of my tiny house, fort, shack, cabin book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" recently too. Thanks Holly! You can check it out here...

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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  1. that reminds me of the time I climbed mount wanahackalugie it was a great day ! ;)