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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A New Treehouse appears in my own town.....A kid's treefort-escape/clubhouse

I've been witnessing the slow development of this lil' treehouse/treefort, only about a mile or so from my own home, over the past couple months, and I gotta say, as far as a mostly kid-built treehut goes, its got a lot of character and contains some little creative additions/methods all around. The tarp roof twisted around the tree trunk (to better seal out the rain) is an interesting/affordable approach I haven't seen before, and the rear window of this structure also has a cookie/baking cooling rack that serves as its barrier/grate. A clubhouse like this is designed in size and scope for children, but again, there are always so many design elements that carry over from that world, into the one of tiny houses and homes, so I feel these structures are always worth a look and mention. Heck, I just may have to knock on this person's door someday to see if I can shoot a tiny little video on this fort for youtube- we'll see...
    As for the interior, I really couldn't see much of it from the side road where I took these photos, but I could see a few tiny folding chairs inside. and what looked like frisbies horizontally attached to the tree to serve as shelving- another first. Overall, THESE are the sort of slapped-together, and full-of-love/life/youth treehouses that I really dig. The custom built, extravagant treehomes for millionaires-only, are all well and good, and usually gorgeous, but they always seem devoid of true character, charm, and ingenuity.

 Treehouse from Stoughton, MA- photos by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen