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Thursday, July 21, 2011

MORE new tiny house/cabin/fort/shelter designs concepts for my NEW book....

 First off, a middle-man book order site botched my account, and its FINALLY fixed- so the existing, hand assembled, version of my tiny house design book is now BACK up for sale (what copies I have left). Sorry, to those who emailed and said that they couldn't purchase it.
    As for the NEW edition of the book (LOTS of new designs, photos, interviews, guest designers/builders, and more): again, its actually been kickin' ass (A recent 2-page COVER feature in the Boston Globe on my workshop and projects certainly helped!) and ranking real high on the amazon charts- which is going to show that people's tastes in shelter n' housing scopes/shapes/budgets is certainly changing! The book isn't even out yet too! Oh yeah- July 29th- 7:30 on CBS (Boston Area- WCVB)- a show called "Chronicle HD" will also be re-airing a piece on the structures I build, design, and write on- called "Eye Candy"- it was REALLY fun and well done!

 You can grab the book on pre-order at a very, very discounted price...if you don't mind waiting for it. I TRULY make JACK on each copy, but its good to know that enough interest in the book will allow me to put out another entirely new book down the road (which is already pretty much finished). The book advance also allowed me to fund several shoots/episodes of my show, and to buy some equipment we needed (because in this economy, its damn hard to find any backers- if interested- kidcedar at gmail dot com)- we reach ALOT of people....)

Better yet, my editor keeps asking for MORE new sketches to possibly fill out this newer version of the book (which is done- but they say there's still room to squeeze in a little more) the sketches you see are a couple cabins and concepts you just MAY find in print down the road (OR ones I might actually build for Make Magazine and/or "Tiny Yellow House" TV.). Again, I have more than enough for ANOTHER new book....but lets not get ahead of myself here....

 -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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