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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Fern Forest Treehouse in Northern Vermont- NEWEST VIDEO....and then some....

 (Info on our D.I.Y. book- featured on NPR, The NY Times, Seattle Times,, The Patriot Ledger, Make Magazine, Readymade Magazine,, Chronicle HD TV, CBS News, Time Magazine Online, etc- is below)- very few copies of the basement, hand assembled edition are left. Once they're gone, that's it....

 Anyway, welcome, any new readers who are coming from today's feature on my book, cabins/designs, and workshop in The Boston Globe- and mega thanks to Emily Sweeney for taking interest! She rocks with the power of multiple vikings!

For any newbies- here's (above) our newest side-episode (not a "REAL" episode of Tiny Yellow House (where we ALWAYS could use sponsors- email me! Episode #1 almost has 80,000 views now- kidcedar at gmail dot com)). This little tour of a treehouse comes from a two night stay with the family spent in this very locale/tree- well "trees". I've also posted another recent treehouse video (below- one I built), AND what seems to be a favorite, a tour of "The Gypsy Junker" (A REAL episode of our show) cabin that I built- one of SIX cabins on display for this weekend's workshop here in MA. Still one/two slots open'll get to see another treehouse I'm working on for a NY client as well.

ALSO- you can order our book in the right hand column of this site....or pre-order the NEW expanded version of the book on now (the cover you see is not the real one- yet- just a placeholder from The Lyons Press). The new version of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" will have several brand new designs, many other new sketches, an intro from the author and design duo David and Jeanie Stiles, informational advice in the way of tiny house building from the likes of Jay Shafer, Kent Griswold, Michael Janzen, Dee Williams, Colin Beaven, Duo Dickinson, Cathy Johnson, and more...  Note: Several drawings in the existing edition WILL NOT be in the newer one too- and the old edition is already selling online/used for quite a bit (one copy sold for $50.00+ by some nut on ebay a little ways back). So- order both versions dammit! lol....

The Front Street Book Store in Scituate (great place!) has a couple copies left too- all other stores have sold out!
"The U.B. 30" prefabricated treehouse- sleeps two- I can build these for you, if interested (and local). Several of my other cabins are for sale too.
The Cabin Dustin and I built up in Vermont- age 22 on...
"The Gypsy Junker" video tour- filmed by Steven Sherrick of Modern Vintage Media...and as seen in the NY TIMES cover article for their Home and Garden section.

Order the existing, soon to be rare, version in the righthand column of this blog, or the new edition (which has many differences/new designs) on the link right above.... thanks! 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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