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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NEW "Tiny Yellow House" Video for A houseboat/floating home/hotel in Boston, MA

These places/boats ("boat-tels"- boat+hotel) as they call them are so cool, we just had to check them out. Well, we did so, had a blast (as you'll see) and filmed the experience for (where you can rent these boats too). Granted, this is a VERY different episode of "Tiny Yellow House"- and we were contemplating posting it under some other title altogether so as not to completely confuse people, but ultimately we decided to put it up on the TYH channel, as, afterall, it IS about a houseboat/floating home.

As for other videos, we have that Boston Gypsy Wagon episode almost fully edited, as well as several others, including a plywood-boat-build/how-to for Make Magazine, amongst other things.....ALL as I gear up for the July 9th Tiny Shelter/House Building Workshop in Stoughton, MA- which is gonna be wild! Many cabins on display, guest speakers (Mimi Zeiger, Alex Pino of, Dustin Diedricksen) and much more! 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Hi from the UK. Just to let you know that I had real difficulty getting to this site from your old Wordpress site. The link you have to doesn't seem to work and there's no link to here. I had to manually type in the address. Anyway I'm here now and youve been bookmarked!

  2. Weird- I just checked it and the link worked on the first try. Love the screen name- lol! Business you're in. Anyway, thanks!