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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Here's one way to make use of vertical space- a micro house's micro-loft- for the kid-at-heart

I just love this one....and under the "college-dorm homemade bed loft" (yup, I had one- built it myself) mindset/approach- its a good way to save and utilize space, while creating a brand new cozy, funky, fun space. This one was built for kids, obviously, but does it HAVE to be for kids? Hells no!

 I also especially dig this micro loft's use (and repainting) of a simple wooden step ladder- which would work great in many tiny house and cabin applications (and these can be found at tag/yard sales all the time for close to nothing). I've built staircases and galley stairways alike, and they're always somewhat of a pain in the ass. With this yardsale ladder usage, it a no-time-spent project for the most part, except for the paint.

From Names: Wylder (2) & Arlo (3 months) Smith
Location: Clinton, Oklahoma
A few weeks back we had the pleasure of touring the home of Meridith and Jason Smith on Apartment Therapy. They've been busy with some serious renovating including their boys', Wylder and Arlo's, rooms and playspace. Let's just say there's already a waiting list of folks requesting to move in! Now, are you ready to see where that ladder goes?

 -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. awesome....I loved little spaces as a kid, would sit in a kitchen cabinet, or hole up in a tree out of sight and watch people cool is this!? I would only add a library style ladder (saw one made from garage door rollers and track, less expensive than most library ladder hardware)