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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"The U.B. 30" Treehouse/Treefort: An Owl/Pac-man/Vampire-lookin' guest two-sleeper in a tree

"The U.B. 30" guest-sleeper- a treehouse/treehut that was prefabricated and then dragged deep into the woods of Vermont. It could also be used/made into a very affordable homless or emergency-relief shelter, and different variations/methods of roofing could be employed. Photo, and built/designed by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen/
      (Post #2 Today- our workshop schedule and list of events is below). Here's the prefab- build n' drag treehouse I built for my brother Dustin, as a surprise for his 30th birthday up in the woods of VT on our 10 acre camp. I built the structure in a single day back at my home in Massachusetts, and then carted the pieces four hours north to Vermont, where my cousin Neil and I assembled most of this in a single evening. The total cost was around $250.00 or so, but with some backbreaking work, and with having to haul the materials down a quarter mile of rugged trails- while running a fever (you can hear it in my voice and breathing at times). The supporting cradle/base was made from pressure treated wood I found on the ride up- when I spotted someone tearing down their deck and leaving all the wood for the taking/trashing- talk about perfect timing (it saved me at least another $100 or more in wood).
Dustin, his wife, and their baby all slept in here during a monstrous storm- and not a single drop of wetness got within.
A few funky, $5.00 prints within- and a curbside, recycled window sash. Naturally, like ALL my cabins, i've included a candle-lantern- three actually. The rug used to be in my old living room, and I wouldn't let it be thrown out- who would have thought its new home would have been six feet up in a set of trees?
We also shot a mini-video on this, which I'll have up real soon.... on my youtube channel

Happy birthday Dustin!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen