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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Treehouse/home kits versus building them from scratch....

Ah, the age old debate, whether or not to build a custom, from scratch, treehouse/treefort by yourself, or whether to hire one out and./or grab a kit fort? Well, I'm sure most of you know which route I'd take....and the choice mainly does depend on your skill level, access to tools, and most importantly, available time.

My one bit of advice (from what I've heard time and time again), whether it be homemade, or a kit- be sure to let your kid (unless you're building it for yourself) have a part in the construction process- in the endrun he/she will appreciate the fort itself, and the experience that much more. Also, I chose this particular treehouse to showcase, as aside from some scale difference, it could certainly become a design for a tiny vacation home or small guest house or adults. Why not....

I'd put some better/safer railings on my own though....and its more of a "stilt house" than a treehouse, or so I feel...not that there's anything wrong with tree/stilt combos (the cabin I'm working on right now, because of its size, might have to take both avenues of support).

Anyway, this particular house is a kit, and has a related article that pushes how obtaining a kit fort is less expensive and less time consuming than building one from scratch. Probably true, but you'll also have a structure that literally will look like 1000 others out there and have no independent charm, on the other hand. A cool little design though, no doubt....

My suggestion- build your own, and use as many salvaged/found/donated materials as possible (so long as the material is sound/strong)- you'll save yourseld a ton of money, and will be spreading a good message to those who see your creation, and those who utilize it.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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