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Sunday, May 8, 2011

My new project/cabin/tiny house "THE WOLFE DEN"- aka the "Wolfe Wedge"

My new project/cabin/tiny house "THE WOLFE DEN"- aka the "Wolfe Wedge"- a treehouse/tree guest house or reading "office".
"Wolfe" being the last name of a client I'm building this for....

 The initial designs have changed a bit (ie. adding a 3' windowed cripple-wall in the front, instead of having the structure come to a space-wasting (but cool looking) point) and some framing tweaks (its built to be taken apart in 4/5 prefabircated sections for transport across 3 states), but the general idea is starting to appear. Ultimately this new very slightly altered design will give the user/users more maneuvering room within.

All in all it will use a mix of new and recycled materials and lumber. The four windows are curbside finds that I've been hanging onto in my collection for some time (they fit and work perfectly for what I wanted in this), it will most likely utilize a 15-lite french door I've been storing, and recycled flooring/decking (over another layer of plywood)- some beautiful stuff that my neighbor scored for me recently (LaCivita- the "Disgruntled Neighbor" from Tiny Yellow House TV episodes #1 and #2). The remainder of the framing is constructed from brand new two by eights, sixes, and threes.

All in all, when I can find the time, I'm having a blast working on this- but slowly killing my body (knees and right arm) with all the things I've been building lately).

I'll bring you some more updates soon- especially once I slap on the vermont white cedar tongue and groove siding....which always looks great!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen