joshua tree workshop 2018

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A triangular treehouse sketch-daydream plan (micro-office, guest hut/cabin)

Although not an incredibly space-efficient shape/design the picture is angled/skewed in a bizarre angle- and doesn't represent the idea so well- sorry. This WILL be kinda cool once built though....very different, fun, and cozy....

 'Was messin' around the other night for a client, and came up with this little design, one I'd like to build for MYSELF! Its base is a simple, reinforced, 8' or 10' equilateral triangle....the side-wall framing is simple 2x3's....

It needs several tweaks, and some reconfiguring, but it would work.....and would appear as if "floating" about three or four feet off of the ground.....

The huge clear roof would face a could sleep two, or serve as an escape office or meditation/yoga house/tiny treeshack....

Note: The few roof/poly-roofing supports are not shown....also, the side-roof/wall support joists will also extend and connect to the tree, serving as reverse knee-braces/supports as well (in addition to the cables).

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Nice design. I see wheels at each of the three points of the triangle for (or maybe just the two base points) to make it a portable and permit free structure.

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