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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Tiny Yellow House" TV soon heading to Baltimore- and my tiny homeless shelter/cabin will be on display

My comp's crappin' the bed, but I trekked my kiester out the the library to at least give you a quick (rough/untouched) eye-candy fly-like sht of "The GottaGiddaWay" (aka "The $100 Homeless Hut" from the NY Times $200 microhouse article). MANY more photos coming soon...when they're actually ready for posting. (Sorry Bruce!)

This little cabin, still being tweaked/expanded, will soon be on display in a Baltimore art gallery the end of this month (where we'll also be shooting new "Tiny Yellow House" episodes (where we DEF need some support and sponsors (as low as $100 a pop to get you/your biz mentioned in the vid)). Heck, ANY donation at all, and we'll thank you in the credits. Gas, lodging, food, equipment, tolls, materials, and more, its all gonna kill us- but we have 2-3 shoots planned in one sleepless weekend and really could use some help. kidcedar at gmail dot com, if interested. If anyone's interested too, after the weekend showing, this cabin might be up for sale too (its appeared in several magazines now).

We'll have more on the art gallery soon- where I might auction off a bnb-style night in this little structure, for some charitable organization (which might land you in an episode too)....if you're around the Baltimore, Maryland area- let me know....its tiny, and a single sleeper, so you'll need to be of the adventurous sort!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen