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Saturday, April 2, 2011

An "invisible" treehouse/treehome hotel- and/or a great modern tiny house!

The invisible treehouse/hotel......most of the photos I've seen online before were photoshopped mock-ups and plans of what this COULD look like- but here are a few (some not) that appear to be of the real deal.
Quite the luxurious treehome, with a cool little ladder-access deck, but with a house so tiny, yet sizeable-enough, I'd imagine you'd need much more support than one single tree (cables, ground posts, etc).
Still, the simple interior design of this treehotel/treehouse is very appealing in a tiny home and small-space design sense....although with everything being so sterile and white, I'd be terrified to open a bottle of red wine indoors!
This would work pretty well as a micro-ground home as well! It just needs a tiny bathroom spot, which could be taken care of easily with the composting and incinerating toilets that are out on today's market.

Another rendition of "lodging in the treetops (well, treetop)....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

(For fans of: cabins, cottages, unusual lodging/hotels, camping, treehuts, forts, small homes, micro-architecture)