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Thursday, April 28, 2011

An AMAZING treehouse/treehome inn in Rincon, Puerto Rico for rent!

First, for any newcomers (from a pair of new magazine articles on our work- we'll post 'em soon)- please check out our VIDEO tours of the recycled micro-cabins/shelters that we build....


Wow.... this is a listing for nightly rentals that I came across on -here's the link, if interested in seeing/reading more...

Jo S

Located in the lush hills of Western Puerto Rico, our hooches are self-sufficient treehouses with solar hot water, solar lighting, kitchenette, and a queen size bed in the penthouse suite- with a killer view of the Caribbean sea. Lush, tropical, and private- with 12 acres of tropical hardwoods and bamboo forest.
We have two hooches available. The Luna hooch is $110/night. The Sunset hooch is $135/night (bigger, more private, better view)
If I lived in such a climate, I'd be all for living in one of these open-air treehouse-cabanas (well, except for the monsoon/hurricane season). I was actually in Puerto Rico years back (its gorgeous), and while in its national rainforest, I actually thought to myself, "THIS would be the ultimate locale for a treehouse vacation home". At the time land was VERY inexpensive down there....and man oh man are the Pina Coladas (their birthplace) incredible down there!

I'd LOVE to film this one for "Tiny Yellow House" TV someday....we'll see....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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