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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A pickle jar window....part of the "redneck"/homemade windows for cabins/sheds/forts/treehouses series

 Here's a shot (inside "The GottaGiddaWay" Cabin (from the NY Times Tiny House Shoot (still under construction in this photo) of the hokey "pickle-jar window" concept from my tiny house-design book, in action. These one-gallon jar-windows allow light into sheds, shacks, and even your homes/tiny houses, but also double as storage, or in-wall terrariums- and who knows what else...

Simple n' funky.... jar, a compass, silicone caulk, and a jig saw and you're good to go....

We might have a mini instructional video on this window, and several more bizarre makeshift other ones, semi-soon.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

File Under/Great For: Kids Forts, Treehouses, Sheds, Out-buildings, Greenhouses, Cabins...


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  2. Hi Derek, Belgian counterpart here.
    Have you seen this video? Simple but AMAZING concept, makes me feel stupid as hell. Maybe you could use on of these in a future or existing project of yours.


  3. Diederik... I really like the water bottle lights.

    I guess they wouldn't be feasible as a year round thing in Canada? I am limited in engineering ideas and skills but is there a way we can do something this way in cold areas where ice maybe a factor?