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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A free (well almost) solar heater made from junk and soda cans!

Perfect for tiny homes and cabins?

I've messed with similar systems in the past, as well as with a good variety of solar cookers (some of which we just might mess with in our 2011 Hands-On Tiny Shelter/House Building Workshop), but here's a concept (especially the FREE part) that I always thought was great- and explains this solar heater build quite nicely with a photo gallery. I've long planned to film a micro-solar heating video, so who knows, I might finally get up off my butt and do so (when I finish about five other episodes and projects I'm involved with).


-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Unless I'm hallucinating, those are not SODA cans but MonaVie EMV cans....huge difference, my friend! Yes?

  2. Ok, so I was wrong...painted black, I see....

  3. Nice to use with a heatsink. Thiis way you don't hhavve to burn ssomething to survive a cold night. A shed or something simular.....

  4. Excellent blog..this will increase as people begin to understand the benefits offered by solar energy.... solar panels