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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A "fancy" tiny pallet/junk house (talk about an oxymoron!) from I Beam Design....

From the architects that blew me off- twice...
True- as I've emailed these people to conduct an interview in the past, and another time to gain permission to put their pallet-house photo in my upcoming book via The Lyons Press- but its still a very cool refugee/emergency/low-budget tiny house while its builders/creators are just too damn busy for lowly scum like me (lol)- here's a video of the photo I've posted in the past, as I do like the design and some of the ideas. This thing WOULD be drafty as heck though- and that's coming from a guy who has plenty of knot-holes in his own their defense.

So here it is, a great little pallet house from I Beam Design (NYC I believe). Enjoy (minus the "pac-man arcade short-circuiting soundtrack"). I think you'll dig the MOVING tour of this one (as again, the static photo has been floating around for quite some time).

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  1. I saw something like this before, but it was more of a Pile of pallets, and was not as simple.

    Got to say it's given me some Ideas for my winter-greenhouse.