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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Idaho Sheep Camp Caravans- Today’s Tiny House Eye Candy

FIRST….we’re rounding out the time schedule and events for our 2011 Hands-On Tiny Shelter/House Workshop (July 9th- Stoughton, MA)- and a few solar cooking demonstrations (and meals) will also be on the agenda- as well as a segment on building composting toilets (in addition to MANY other things- and some BUILDING!)- Here’s a recent post on it… Single Day- $195 (Approx. 13 hours- all food, drinks are included-culminating into a bonfire discussion). Only 12 or so people will be allowed to enroll, so act fast if you’re interested.
AND…Reader Scott House turned me on to the site/company IDAHO SHEEP CAMP, which builds mobile camps/caravans which are beautifully outfitted. These could be a great alternative/tiny house idea for singles….and very budget friendly over time,
They’ve been in business for awhile, have a great photo gallery of their past work, and the prices seem pretty reasonable considering.

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