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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Funky Chicken Coop Structure (as a conversion into a Tiny House Design!?)

A Funky Chicken Coop Structure (as a conversion into a Tiny House Design!?)
Its off to shovel my roof some more, so its a short post today (there have now been 92 roof collapses in the state of MA from snow as of last night!). Anyway, as I’m a fan of bright n’ bold trim colors (and just vibrant colors in general (see my “Tree-Rex Treehouse post recently)), this green/garden-roofed chicken coop design caught my attention.

The “kippen” chicken coop
Now hear me out…
Visualize this little structure (mostly the above front-view photo), but in larger form, and with a set of french doors added in the entrance space, and perhaps a window or two cut-in for some natural light, and blamo!- you’d have what would amount to a very simple, yet pleasing-looking, and affordable mini vacation home or cabin/cottage. Add a tiny little wooden-slab deck out in the front (on hinges so that it folds UP against the house and locks while you’re away) and it’d be even more catering to your outdoor/indoor relaxation.
I know it seems bizarre, but some of my own inspirations for designs and sketches for tiny houses and homes come from offshoot photos and concepts like this one.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

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