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Monday, May 20, 2024

Where the heck has Deek been? (and Tiny House Summer Camp 2024!)

     I've seen this comment on YouTube videos and blog posts. Don't worry, I'm still here and we still have Tiny House Summer Camp in Vermont coming up- your chance to build and camp out with us on a 10 acre spread. We've been doing that hands-on weekend since 2010 and don't plan on stopping. 

BUT.... I've also become more addicted to vintage and antique bottle digging- aka "dirt fishing". It's something that has occupied some of my time with my OTHER YouTube channel. 

Just what the heck is Dirt Fishing? Well here is one little dig excursion we went on in search of 100+ year old glass bottles. I'll warn you, if you get into it, the hobby is addicting- AND one where you can't be afraid to get filthy.