joshua tree workshop 2018

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Another tiny house PALLET WOOD build for glamping (and TINY HOUSE WORKSHOP!)

     So we've been busy with a few things outside of building and filming tours. For one I'm wrapping up work on writing (and now illustrating) my 5th book. This one will be on treehouses, and will more so focus on the slightly more affordable ones. No other books really seems to hone in on that so I wanted to give those type builds some exposure- after all, we aren't all Rockefellers. $$$$ 

We're also gearing up for two FULLY HANDS-ON BUILDING WORKSHOPS this year- one on Tiny Houses and the other on Tree Houses. Come hang out and literally build with us! 

Hit the link here if you want more info, or to sign up. These workshops are FUN- action packed, and taught by multiples hosts. You're welcome to camp out for free too. One is in Vermont and the other will be in Maine. 

I've also been doing some social media and photo work for "Leigh Acres" this GREAT glamming resort and art farm in Alabama. 

Do me a favor and follow them on Instagram here-

I'd hugely appreciate it. They have some very fun and creative stuff going on down there and their airbnb rentals are very inventive- one being a treehouse I build as well. Oh yeah, it's a giant robot! 

AND....yeah, we've still be building, tinkering, and cobbling. Here is a tiny little glamping rental trail that we rehabbed for Leigh Acres recently. We did quite a bit of the work with free pallet wood, as you'll see in this video! Enjoy!