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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Look Towards Simplicity- When Tiny Houses Are Getting Overcomplicated....

     I hear the chatter more and more often- "Have Tiny Houses gotten too complicated? Too high end?". In a way I feel that they have and I've felt that the scene has changed quite a deal from what it once was ten or twelve years ago. Perhaps that is a discussion for another time. And SIMPLICITY and vernacular design is certainly something we'll focus on at Tiny House Summer Camp in September (It's fun!!! Join us!).

                                    Link to this year's "Tiny House Summer Camp" HERE 

In any case, in the sub-genre of "sheds as tiny houses" I came across this builder recently and thought that this cabin design of theirs was not only pretty darn sturdy looking, but was also a simple (yet large enough) footprint or floor plan that could be rather conducive towards a workable tiny house. So for all the shed conversion fans, here ya go! 

Check out the video overview they sent us, and let us know your thoughts in the video comments....