joshua tree workshop 2018

Friday, August 18, 2023

This SMALL HOME is perfect for a family (and TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP!!!)

     On a recent jaunt to NY to build a tree house that was to be photographed for a book I'm curently working on for my publisher, we had the pleasure of staying this airbnb tiny house, or "Small house", rental in the woods of NY near the Catskills. In this video we give you a full walkthrough of the place and talk about some of its features and its very simple, yet effective, layout. You might be able to grab some small home layout ideas from this one! 

And don't forget that TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP TEN(!) is coming up- you chance to camp out with us (or you can stay in a local hotel/motel), build, hear from guest speakers, witness live demos, tour tiny houses, and more! 

Upcoming Workshops:

Sept 15-17th- Orleans, Vermont 

November 18-19th- Yucca Valley, California

These are BOTH hands-on- you'll learn by doing! They're always fun! 

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