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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Small House meets ASMR Graffiti Art Makeover Video.....

 This one is certainly different for this site, but in the spirit of low-budget, DIY, home decor, and well, thinking outside the box, I figure that this video might intrigue some of you (and scare the hell out of the rest of ya). Enjoy. 

"Come on up to New Hampshire and graffiti the heck out of this kids bedroom for us, would ya?". And so I did. The room you'll see is part of a REALLY COOL Keene, NH airbnb listing that is entirely art themed in that each room focuses on different artists (one being me- @DeekDiedricksenart ). After this all went down (I did everything you see in a day) I later ended up getting Covid (the Omnicron variant- fun!) and while in "basement quarantine" I stumbled across a series of ASMR relaxation videos that I got sucked into. I then realized that this here film (which I originally intended to release in sped-up "time lapse" format) was pretty interesting and relaxing in its real time mode- at least I felt so. Whatever the case, it was a free form graffiti art project that through the narrations, gives a little insight into what I was thinking (and wasn't thinking) at the time. Everything you see is spur of the moment and unplanned. I hope you find it fun! (file under: painting, street art, punk rock art, mural painting) #bostonartist #graffitiart #kidsbedroommakeover #outsiderart #monstersandrobots