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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Tiny House Fixer-Upper for Sale- only $4k!

Its rare that you'll see a tiny house for sale for so little (even one in rough shape). I mean, even the lumber alone these days is worth a small fortune, never mind the time and labor. Well, here is a 14' by 8' tiny house on wheels (not road worthy) that is up for sale in Pembroke, MA that DEFINITELY needs A LOT of work. Question is: Could it be worth it? It is a cute little cabin (with a composting toilet, loft, and small kitchen space) that would certainly give you a jump on things/tiny house living, but you'll definitely need some know-how and elbow grease to finish this one and bring this little home to life. On the other hand, if fixed up, it could make for a cool little backyard rental, guest house, art studio, yoga space, or she-shed. Some of these airbnb's and hip camp rentals bring in a small fortune these days so it would be something to consider. 

Whatever your take on it, check out this video for more. 

If interested in purchasing it- contact the owner here-