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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Photo Gallery! GORGEOUS A-frame tiny house rental build for only $2k!!!



     You might recognized the names Garrett Hohn and Alla Ponomareva as they built a cabin from my plan sets (the "Transforming A Frame") a few years back and have been renting it on airbnb seasonally. Well, thanks to the amazing photo work of Alla, this A-frame soon went viral and eventually was featured on magazine covers, in national Zillow ads, on Hipcamp, and beyond- heck, even Apartment Therapy did a feature on it! Well, this duo is back at it again on their tiny cabin and tiny house rental compound with this super cool spin on these A frame plans of mine- a cabin with TWO opening walls/roof panels. Alla and Garrett really have a knack for interior design and color play and this little rental (also used as a hunting blind out there in Montana) is certainly no exception. Oh yeah, it was built for a mere $2k- showing that a mini glamping empire can be built on very little, so long as a little creativity is implemented! Again, check out the video, and feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts over on YouTube! We'd love to hear from you. 

Also, in a similar design vein, be sure to check out the A-frame tree house I recently completed in Connecticut. Its another spin on "The transforming A-frame" (video is further below). 

Their airbnb rental link is further below as well. 

Also- here is a link to the A FRAME CABIN PLANS this cabin was inspired by. Click HERE

And here are a few more photos (from Alla Ponomareva)

And the A-Frame tree house I recently designed and completed.....

To rent one of the cabins at Alla and Garrett's place in Montana...  CLICK HERE