joshua tree workshop 2018

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

A frame tree house with flip-open wall (and a cool zip line!)


     So here's the latest tree house I've built for a family (third one this season). Its definitely simple, follows my love for A-frame cabins (see my "Transforming A-frame cabin plans" below) and was built in panels and trucked out to CT to save time (as you'll see in the video). This tree cabin could make for a cool, simple, affordable, glamping rental (for airbnb or for hipcamp) and while only a mere 7' by 7' at the base, it is able to sleep two adults in sleeping bags, or fit an air mattress. 

Here's a real time walk through tour of it, AND some sped up time lapse sequences of the build process. 

Check out the tree house zip line in action too! 

I might have plans for this down the road so keep checking the plan link banner on this website. 

-Deek Diedricksen