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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Yeah, I'm kinda into Dump Picking too- (which can be profitable!)


     Many don't know that in addition to running a shelter, tiny house, tree house, and small structure channel on YouTube, I also run a smaller side channel called "Streets Shall Provide". Basically, this channel serves as a place to funnel and post videos related to my other interests that aren't directly small house related- travel, odd tourism, abandoned exploration, and flea marketing, street picking, and even dumpster diving sometimes. 

Which brings me to this little journal style video whereupon I do a little dump picking up in Maine while on vacation AND find a few items that certainly will resell (or will stand as "keepers" in the case of the super vintage/weird/ugly stained glass lamp I grabbed). The small stuff on the other hand, could be sold at a flea, yard sale, or on ebay. 

So check it out, and consider checking out some of the other videos on that channel (and maybe even subscribe if you feel so inclined).