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Monday, June 28, 2021

Don't EVER build your tiny house like this one! THE WORST

      Here's a look back at the THE VERY WORST tiny house that I've not only seen in person, but had the "thrill" of spending a night in. When I say "thrill" I mean "the place was so shady and poorly built that it was hard to sleep at night and my mind and heart was racing from the experience". We literally considered not sleeping in the space- especially when a small storm came through at night and we could see the wind slowly moving the cabin walls back and forth. YES, I talked to the renter/owner afterwards and warned him, "You're gonna kill somebody with this place at some point". 

So ladies and gentlemen, here it is- THE WORST TINY HOUSE I'VE EVER SEEN! 

Want to learn how to actually build, well, we have TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP 8 coming up on a 10 acre spread in Vermont- free camping, live building, guest hosts, demos, speakers, tour tiny houses, treehouses, and more! The banner at the top of ANY page on this website has the link to sign up AND the link to our cabin plans and more! ACTUALLY build and design with us in Vermont! (Orleans, VT). 

HERE is the direct link too.