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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Woman solo builds her own $900 off grid A-frame Tiny House/Cabin in the woods of Maine

Meet Kate Tooth Wentworth. She'd kind of a bad-ass. Aside from being an outdoor skills and wilderness survival instructor, she was a recent contestant on the tv show "Naked And Afraid" AND more recently just built this A-frame glamping rental (which she will seasonally live in too) "All by her big girl self" as she claims in the video tour. Its not a "tiny house" per se, but many built from these plans HAVE and are being lived in full time.

Be sure to check out Kate's channel too- support her and subscribe, AND should you want to ever rent a night or ten in this little cabin (all on an 18 acre spread with fishing and hiking at your doorstep), check out these links below.

This cabin, by the way, was built from a framing plan set I offer up on this site, so I was very excited to receive this guest tour from Kate- she did such a great job!

The Links-

Subscribe to Kate's channel-

RENT this cabin through Hipcamp-

Deek's "Transforming A-Frame Cabin" framing-plan set-